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A larger issue than finding friends, says Bernstein, is the fact that some students who come from a homeschool setting have not been exposed to points of view, and thus aren used to being in settings where their patterns of thinking get challenged by students or teachers whose ideas are very different. For these students, a high school government class can feel foreign or even hostile. But, he adds, every homeschool experience is different; for every homeschooler who struggles in high school government class, there likely to be another who is excited by the exchange of ideas..

It reassesses some of the leading ecclesiastical figures of the time, such as Cardinal Logue, Archbishop Walsh and the swashbuckling Bishop O of Limerick, and discusses the political interest of belligerent foreign powers in Ireland and its Church. Contents: 1 Church and the War, August 1914 April 1916 [Ireland Reaction to the War; Importance of the Catholic Church; Belligerent Bishops; Priests and the War Effort; Church, Belgium, Poland and the War Economy]; 2 Rogue Bishops [Cardinal Logue: For the Empire, Against the Government!; Archbishop Walsh Deafening Political Silence; Bishop O Anti War Crusade]; 3 Summer of 1916: Rising, Conscription and Partition [Count Plunkett Secret Mission to the Vatican; Archbishop Walsh, the Clergy and the Rising; Hierarchy Reaction to the Easter Rising; Bishop O Rise in the Nationalist Opposition; Conscription and Partition Crises of 1916]; 4 First French Mission [Ireland Importance in the War; French Worry About Ireland; Andr G Tours the Country; First French Mission to Ireland; Results of the French Mission]; 5 Church, the War and Radicalism, 1916 1918 [Search for Nationalist Unity; A Solution in Sight?; Exit O Enter de Valera; From Convention to Conscription]; 6 Conscription Crisis of 1918 [Cabinet Decision; Mgr Curran Decisive Intervention; Episcopal Meeting of 18 April 1918; Opposition to Conscription; Hierarchy Under Attack; Irish Clergy in the United States; Crisis Down Under]; 7 Irish College in Rome, 1914 1918 [A Tradition of Roman Intrigues; College, the Mission and the Vatican, 1914 April 1916; A Duel Between the Irish College and Cardinal Casquet; Correspondence Between Mgr O and Bishop O Red Book; Cardinal Bourne and Sir Roger Casement Execution; Rapprochement Between Nationalist Ireland and the Vatican; End of the War in Rome]; 8 Second French Mission, the Plan [Ireland Importance in the War in 1918; French Hesitations; Plan Hay Plan, Recruitment Effort or Plot?; Aftermath]; Notes; Bibliography; Index. Seller Inventory 00427610..