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10. Don be afraid to seek professional help. Counsellors trained in working with children and adolescents can help by re opening communication between parent and child, providing a neutral ground for expression of feelings, and serving to the climate of tension within families which sometimes develops over issues such as alcohol and drug use..

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Other familial partial lipodystrophies are most difficult to rule out, even after biological and morphological investigations. Indeed, fat loss from the extremities and the gluteal region characterize the Kbberling syndrome (also named FPLD1), but truncal obesity is present: this syndrome, whose molecular cause is still unknown, is not clearly individualized from the metabolic syndrome [6Herbst KL, Tannock LR, Deeb SS, Purnell JQ, Brunzell JD, Chait A. Kbberling type of familial partial lipodystrophy: an underrecognized syndrome.